At this moment, we are putting a pause on fulfilling grant requests. We will continue to follow up with and verify applicants so that we can send funds as soon as we begin fulfilling grants again. 

This initiative was far more successful than we imagined, and we are so grateful for it. However, we have come to realize that in order to continue to be able to provide these funds into the future, we had to take a moment to lay a more stable foundation. We want this mutual aid fund to be available to sex workers well into the future. 
Our goal is to be back up and running by Thursday, June 25th. Our hope is to do so much sooner. 
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. 
In passionate solidarity, 

If you want to donate to this fund:

  • We can accept funds via:



The Detroit Sex Worker Mutual Aid Fund is a community support fund that offers emergency financial assistance to local sex workers. Originally serving the Detroit area, we opened up the fund to the state of Michigan after the Covid19 crisis began.

A project of ANSWER  DSWMAF disburses emergency relief micro grants to struggling sex workers. Grant amounts range from $50-$200, and repeat requests are allowed, with the total amount of funds an individual can receive in a single year being capped at $500. 

Who can apply

  • Michigan sex workers who are currently, or who were prior to Covid19 related shut downs, performing in person sex work.*
    • *We define in person as escorting, stripping, car dates, etc.
    • Sex workers from  surrounding states who travel(ed) to Michigan frequently for work are welcome to apply.
    • We center those most impacted by disparities. We define this as people of color and trans folks, people who use drugs, street based workers, and those with disabilities.
    • In order to distribute funds to the most impacted, we prioritize people with multiple degrees of marginalization.
    • These priorities come from an equity based model of prioritizing requests, based off of the organization Lysistrata’s guidelines for funding requests for their own emergency fund.

Our Process:

  • Grants are processed by a team of individuals with intersecting identities, including members of the ANSWER collective and prior grantees who have reached their funding cap.
  • Once you submit your application, you will be contacted by a member of our team to schedule a short video call. This is so we can confirm that the person requesting funds is who they say they are, and a chance for us to say ‘hello’ and connect with another member of our community.
  • We require verification that you are a struggling Michigan based in person sex worker. Some examples: a link to your ad or work website, the name of your club, sw social media account. A vouch from a community member will also work. You don’t need to mention anything explicit (keep your own safety in mind), but links or screenshots will work.

Apply For Funds:

All application info should be sent to our encrypted email account:
letussurvive313 (at) protonmail (dot) com with the following info:

+  amount needed/what it is for

+ verification that you are a Michigan SW  

+payment info

We will follow up within 24 hours, and may request a short video interview for verification.

The following payment options are available for grantees:

  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • CashApp